Loan with installment basset of PLW Bank

Temo Posila is the personal loan PLW bank available for employees and retirees who want access to financing with the formula of employee loans . It is therefore a form of financing that provides for the payment of a monthly payment, precisely “bassotta”, equal to one fifth of the salary and directly withheld. The maximum amount of the monthly installment just described is always valid if the applicant does not exceed the limit of 50% of the net salary if other deductions are present in payroll. Temo Posila of PLW bank can also be granted with a single signature, also to bad payers and protesters, in addition to those who have other loans in progress. This type of loan is therefore also widely used as a form of credit for debt consolidation.

Features Posila PLW installment

Features Posila PLW installment


Over time, the loan has maintained a rate almost always below the market average, only for the financial component and this has contributed a great deal to its spread. Among the other features of Temo Posila it should be remembered that the loan has an installment term ranging between a minimum of 24 months and a maximum of 120 months-rate.

The maximum financeable sums vary according to the agreements that the PLW bank stipulates with the contracting parties, but the maximum ceiling is 75 thousand euros. For an installment calculation simulation based on what you want to request, you can contact the branches of the credit institution in order to have full knowledge of the contractual conditions.

Financing can be allowed for different and varied purposes: from the building to the garage, to the new or used car, without forgetting the cost of furnishings, to renovate the house, to buy goods for your business, and again for training courses, for purchases of household appliances, heating systems or air conditioners, for dealing with the costs of a wedding, for the purchase of computers, for other IT devices, for medical expenses, travel and holidays. The minimum tan of Temo Posila is 4.7%, the maximum Tan cannot be higher than the Taeg.

Once granted, the loan will be credited directly to the client’s current account or by check. The repayment of the installments will have to be made by bank transfer directly by the employer while the first installments will be withheld on the salary or pension slip.

Example of financing with Temo Posila

Example of financing with Temo Posila


Wanting to do a simulation of the loan with PLW’s fifth assignment, for a loan request of 5,000 euros to be repaid in 120 months, the monthly payment will be equal to 59 euros, for a TAN of 5.21%, an APR for 7, 63% and total interest paid amounting to € 2080.00.

Instead, for a loan application with Temo Posila amounting to € 15,000 to be repaid over a ten-year period, the monthly payment will be € 181, for a TAN of 6.03% and an APR of 8.17%. Under these conditions the total interest to be paid will be 6,720 euros.

The loan is compulsorily subject by law to an insurance coverage guaranteeing the life and employment risk whose charges are borne by PLW. The insurance coefficient calculated on the borrowed gross capital is related to a variable life insurance coverage based on the duration and category of the applicant. If the latter exceeds 80 years of age at the expiry of the loan the insurance cost may vary and will be calculated at the time of the estimate.

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